Helmold Cutting Rules


Helmold has a long successful reputation in the steel rule die industry for providing quality steel rule and diemaking tools for the industry. Helmold has always had the flexibility to produce a wide range of steel rule outside the standard limits of the standard steel rule dimensions, including perforation rules, rotary and various specialty products.



In a 60 temper that takes a tight #X3 die bend (2 pt.).
In ground or shaved edges to meet your cutting requirements.
With a standard 60º bevel angle.
Also available with a 50º or 40º bevel angle to reduce dusting with recycled paperboard.
In an “Ultra-precise” grade shaved edge with ±0.0005” height tolerance.

Body ~ 410 HV (42 HRC)
Edge ~ 410 HV (42 HRC)
Bendability 2pt Shaved
∠=80°, R ~0.3 mm
Thickness 2, 3, 4 pt.
Heights 22.00-100.0mm
Bevel Shaved, Ground


LazerBlade is a laser edge hardened rule at about 61 Rockwell that combines the bendability of a medium soft body with the wear resistance of a hard edge.
LazerBlade in also 100% laser checked to ensure dimensionall integrity within .00025" height variation, the best height tolerance in the business.

Body ~ 340 HV (35 HRC)
Edge ~ 700 HV (59 HRC)
Bendability 2pt Shaved
∠=130°,R ~0.2 mm
Thickness 2, 3, 4 pt.
Heights 22.00 - 100.0mm
Bevel finish Shaved