Rotax Plus is the ideal evolution
or our rotary processor.
The steel rule transport system (patent pending) has been further developed and now guarantees even better accuracy as far as the length of the pieces is concerned. The transport system automatically sets itself to the required diameter from 170 mm to 800 mm (6.7" -31.5"). Passing from one diameter to another is a matter of seconds!
New generation multifunction cartridges perform all the punching operations. Electrically driven and powered by a fast and reliable electric press, these cartridges allow for multiple operations (i.e. cutting, lipping, notching, bend marking, perforation, cut/crease). In addition to these operations It is also possible to cut radiused creasing rule and lasercrease. 
■ Straight cut / lip
■ Bridges
■ Broaching
■ Bending
■ Perforating rule
■ Cut / crease rule
■ Nick grinding


Thanks to Rotax Plus production of tailored perforation rule or cut/crease rule is extremely easy. Through a user friendly graphic programmable software the operator can generate tailored perf and cut/crease rule out of standard cutting rule. High stock costs for expensive special rules are dramatically reduced.
The revolutionary geometrically variable bending unit allows to conform to different diameters in a fully automatic way. The diemaker can choose to use solid or notched rule. The powerful bending software adapts to the steel rule used. A new frontier in the rotary dies manufacturing! The bending unit of the Rotax Plus can be added to simple Rotax Plus processors.
The presence of a Rotax machine in the dieshop has made the difference, the diemakers who adopted Rotax in their production areas demonstrated to the market to have additional competitive advantages. Now Rotax Plus is adding all the operation missing in the former Rotax introducing the first rotary bender being able to work on different diameters and also on straight (horizontal) rules.
Furthermore designed to fulfil the highest quality demand Rotax Plus allows for the preparation of all "ready-to-insert" rule for the rotary dies. With the added bending unit now Rotax Plus can bend serrated rule (notched and not notched) from from 23,00 to 32,00 mm. Rotax Plus the rotary diemakers’ dream comes true.