Serviform Automated Rule Processorsserviformlogo60pxServiform has been established at the beginning of 1990 by Mr. Franco Foppa Pedretti. His father, Mr. Giuseppe Foppa Pedretti, in 1947 established one of the first Italian trade dieshop, Foppa Fustelle.Since the very beginning Mr. Giuseppe Foppa believed in a wide open philosophy: there were no secrets and the dieshop had to be open towards competitors. In fact the supply of dieboards had to stay side-by-side with the manufacturing and supply of diemaking materials. Starting from his own needs Foppa Fustelle from the early years developed a full range of small diemaking machines expressly designed for diemakers.Servicompany250

So the “double line” made of manufacturing of dies and manufacturing of materials and machines for the diemakers kept on since the advent of Mr. Franco Foppa Pedretti who took Giuseppe´s place in 1980. Giuseppe´s son radically modernised the production structure and split the company in two.

Foppa Fustelle targeted to the production of steel rule dies for an always more demanding market and Serviform, dedicated to the development of diemaking machines and materials. Nowadays Serviform is producing state-of-the-art fully automatic diemaking machinery and distributing it world-wide together with a comprehensive range of software, lasers, plotters, manual machines and diemaking/diecutting material.Serviform was established to give a daily service to the diemaking and diecutting industry with the supply of machines, computerised systems and materials. Our commitment: to simplify diemaking, to increase accuracy and profitability.