PTS NeoCombo400

Highest consistency and precision with an integrated SLAB Laser.




■ Only Flat / Rotary Combination Laser with High Speed Etching

■ Milling Operation Separate from Optics to reduce vibration in the optics and isolate dust and interference to the optics chamber.

Working area bed:

PTSn 3020R (188" X 59")
PTSn 3020R (188" X 87")
PTSn 4020 (157" X 79")

Length of rotary shells: Max. (118") Diameter of rotary shells: (7-25") Speed:Max cutting speed
(787 inches/min.)
Rapid speed (787 inches/min.)
Control System: PC-CNC incl. diagnostics

Accuracy:Repetitive +/- 0.02 mm
Positioning +/- 0.04 mm/1000mm




The laser cuting machine PTSn is fascinating due to its high reliability, massive construction and straightness.
Highest consistency and precision is ensured by the the integrated SLAB - laser.
Conceived for rotary and flatbed dies the PTSn is a guarantor for the maximum productivity even at extreme use.
Options such as the external rotary preparation system Quickmount and A.C.P (Advanced Crash Protection) round of the PTSn perfectly.

The most important features:

■ Minimum maintenance costs/downtime
■ Output power 1000-3000 Watt CW
■ No warm up or multiple pump downs
■ Excellent acceleration/decelaration
■ Narrow cutting technology
■ Low gas consumption



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