ProRot Laser

The ProRot 3000 is designed as a stand-alone laser machine for the production of rotary dies used in the corrugated market.

ProRot Laser



Technical Information:

Length of rotary shells: Max. (118")
Diameter of rotary shells: (7-25")
Speed:Max cutting speed (787 inches/min.)
Rapid speed (787 inches/min.)
ControlSystem: PC-CNC incl. diagnostics Accuracy:
Repetitive +/- 0.02 mm
Positioning +/- 0.03 mm/1000mm

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The rotary shell is moved in the radial direction, the cutting head is moved in the axial direction. A strong, flexural and torsional rigid welded construction with hardened and ground guide bar to provide high traversing speeds.
A collision protection system offers effective protection against damages. The rotary shells are fixed in the machine by the Quick Mount System. This system allows to set up the rotary half shells at the same time while the machine is working using an external Quick Mount Rack, this does reduce downtime and will enhance the production process.
The Touch-screen Monitor in modern technology allows the user an intuitive operation via graphic elements which is to a great deal independent from language.
A Pre-mount unit to prepare the next rotary shell for cutting while the ProRot 3000 is processing a job.There is a routing unit to mill pockets for embossing dies and position holes.
The most important features:
■ Minimum maintenance costs/downtime
■ Output power range 1000-3000 Watt CW
■ No warm up or multiple pump downs
■ Excellent acceleration/decelaration
■ Narrow cutting technology
■ Low gas consumption

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