ProRot Laser

The high speed routing machine for the highest demands.



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The ProCount 1712 convinces through its rough construction and high reliability. Due to the use of up to 24 tools the maximum amount of flexibility is ensured. Whether Pertinax, Vetronit or stell counter plates - the ProCount 1712 is always the right choice.
The most important features:
■ PC / NC controller
■ One spindle with Automatic tool changer
■ Tool Magazine fo up to 24 tools
■ Water cooled, high Freq. motor 1.3kW
■ Up to 50,000 rpm
■ Automatic measuring tools
■ Speed up to 40m/min.
■ Routing area 67" x 47"
■ Flexible selection of tools
■ Easy to use, intelligent routing of layouts
■ Routing spindles with 3,4 or 6 kW
■ Fine mist lubrication system