ProRot Laser

Perfect rubbering for better dieboards.



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The new water-jet cutting system ProAquaJet 1613 automates the production of the die-ejection material. This completely new type of technology enables a significantly increased rubbering quality.
Parallel manufacturing of the parts within the production shortens the runthrough time.
The ProAquaJet 1613 optimises dieboards by perfect rubbering. This achieves a noticeable increase in productivity during diecutting.
Techincal Information:
■ ProAquaJet 1613 63" x 51"
■ NC - controller with color touch screen
■ Automatic mode
■ Manual mode
■ Diagnostic
■ Data transmission via LAN
■ Speed up to 100m/min.
■ Swivel-Mounted cutting head for cutting angles of +/- degrees