CLS Laser

IDEA is the most advanced fully automatic diemaking machine available on the market

The most important features:
• Minimum maintenance costs/downtime
• Power ranges 750 -3000 Watt
• No warm up or multiple pump downs
• Excellent acceleration / deceleration
• Customizable material database
• Narrow cutting technology
• Low gas consumption
• PC based processing
Technical lnformation :
Model: CLS 1712 (67" x 49")
CLS 2115 (83" x 59"")
CLS 2317 (90" x 67")
CLS 2515 (98" x 59"")
Laser Power: 750-3000 Watt
Speed: max. cutting speed
(590 inch/min.)
Rapid speed
(590 inch/min.)
Control System: PC-CNC incl. diagnostics
Accuracy: Repetitive+/- 0,02 mm Positioning+/- 0,04 mm
Our innovative laser cutting machine, the CLS SLAB, is an advanced product in a line of particularly efficient LASERCOMB Laser Systems. In eliminating the need for movement of the laser source, the CLS design incorporates the use of a moving table format to guarantee maximum precision, consistency and dynamic performance. The combination between LASERCOMBS's experience in manufacturing and design, with Rofin Sinar's SLAB laser technology guarantees the foundation of this highly productive package, which includes superb features such as: