Distance Spacers
Distance spacer are used to space apart stripping and cutting dies to prevent damage to the dies.
Description Part Number
Distance Spacer 23mm (.905") Black (5mm Base) 8DSS009K
Distance Spacer 23mm (.905") BOBST (6mm Base) 8DSS0100
Distance Spacer 23mm (.905") Steel (5mm Base) 8DSS0105
Distance Spacer 25mm (.984") Black (5mm Base) 8DSS0130


Performance Distance Spacer
Performance spacers to separate male and female boards to protect knifeblades, special oval design to assist in removal.
Description Part Number
Performance Spacer 23mm (.905") height (5mm base)
Performance Spacer 25mm (.984") height (5mm base) 8DSS0120


Storage Nut and Bolt Components
Distance storage bolts used to store male and female diesets.
Description Part Number
Distance Nut  Blue 43mm and 50mm CenterlineII 8DSSBBNT
Distance Screw Blue Positioning Bolt 50mm CenterlineII 8DSSBB50
Distance Nut Green 43mm and 50mm CenterlineII 8DSSBGNT
Distance Screw Green Positioning Bolt 43mm CenterlineII 8DSSBG43
Distance Screw Green Positioning Bolt 50mm CenterlineII 8DSSBG50