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Russian Birch Grade BB/BB

A top quality Birch with interior glue provides excellent value for your money in and standards. this wood is imported and is available in full crates or sheets.

Thickness Finished Size Sheets / Crate
7.9mm (5/16" 48” x 60” 7-ply 50
7.9mm (5/16" 48” x 72” 7-ply 50
9mm (3/8") 60” x 60” 7-ply 42
12mm (1/2") 60” x 60” 9-ply 33
15mm (19/32") 60” x 60” 11-ply 26
15.9mm (5/8") 48” x 60” 11-ply 25
15.9mm (5/8") 48” x 72” 11-ply 25
15.9mm (5/8") 60” x 60” 11-ply 25
15.9mm (5/8") 60” x 72” 11-ply 25


Rayform Duracore TM

Rayform Dieboards, made from high strength thermoset laminate, have set the standard for flatness, stability on press, reknifability, and productivity on press in flat diecutting industry-wide. Rayform is the absolute best dieboard material currently available. Unaffected by heat and moisture, Rayform dies are breaking down barriers of application, and have provided converters of all types with tremendous increases of productivity on press. Rayform is the material of choice for long runs, thermal dies, gasket dies, label dies, and especially high tolerance dies running with steel counters.

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Rayform Duraply TM

Rayform Duraply fills the niche between plain Maple and PolyCore. Constructed utilizing Rayform faces over a maple core, the resulting board is dead flat with greatly improved rule holding ability, re-knifeability, stiffness, and bridge strength. Proven to increase on-press productivity and remain flat through seasonal moisture and temperature changes, Rayform Duraply is a cost-efficient way to experience the difference of Rayform.

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Rayform Polycore TM

Rayform PolyCore is a Rayform/Maple hybrid that is taking the industry by storm! PolyCore was developed to provide the industry with a lighter weight material that has all the strength and stability characteristics of solid Rayform. What was achieved is even better. PolyCore is not only the perfect dieboard material, stable yet lightweight, it is also moving into blanking and stripping tool applications with great success. PolyCore's unique construction makes this the most versatile flat material currently available today.