Mylar and Plotting Paper
Mylar film, frosted (matted) on one side. Available in .003 to .007 thicknesses. Also available frosted (matted) on both sides. Other thickness available upon request. Also available Ink Jet Film. Widths available are 36”, 42” and 54”. Roll lengths available in 50yd.
Description Part Number
Mylar .003" Matte-1-Side 36" x 50yds (core3") 7M100336
Mylar .003" Matte-1-Side 48" x 50yds (core3") 7M100348
Mylar .004" Matte-1-Side 36"x 50yds (core3") 7M100436
Mylar .004" Matte-1-Side 42"x 50yds  (core3") 7M100442
Mylar .004" Matte-1-Side 54"x 50yds (core3") 7M100454
Mylar .003" Matte-2-Sides Mylar  36" x 50yds (core3") 7M200336
Mylar .003" Matte-2-Sides 42" x 50yds (150') 7M200342
Mylar .004" Matte-2-Sides 42"x 50yds (core3") 7M200442
Mylar .005" Clear Mylar 36" x 100ft Clear 7MC00536
Mylar .003" Matte-2-Sides 42" x 50yds Coated for Inkjet 7MK00336


Carbon Paper
Carbon paper available in thickness of .003" and .005". Also available in sheet form and rolls of 36”, and 45”.
Description Part Number
Carbon Paper Rolls .002" 36"x300' 6PL02000
Carbon Paper Rolls .005" 45"x150' 6PL03500
Plotter Pens
Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges available in Black, Red, Blue. Regular sizes in both 3.0" high and 3.5" high. Super Giant ink pens also available in Black.
Description Part Number
Plotting Pens Black Fisher 3.0" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3011B
Plotting Pens Red Fisher 3.0" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3011R
Plotting Pens Blue Fisher 3.0" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3011U
Plotting Pens Black Fisher 3.5" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3511B
Plotting Pens Red Fisher 3.5" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3511R
Plotting Pens Blue Fisher 3.5" x 1.1mm (5 pcs) 7PF3511U
Fisher 3.7" SuperGiant Black Plotter Pen-PSGBBK 7PF37SGB
Fisher 3.7" SuperGiant Blue Plotter Pen-PSGBBU 7PF37SGU