Kiss crease is the optimum balance between cost and quality. Kiss has precision engineered plastic shoulders on a micro thin polyester film base with a perfectly registered locator. Decades of continuous development and experience have lead to efficient manufacture to the highest standards giving this optimum cost and quality balance.
A plastic matrix with a chamfered edge profile. Kiss crease is the optimum balance between cost and quality.
  • Precision engineered plastic shoulders are extremely accurate and durable fast running
  • Micro thin polyester film base to reduce rule height adjustments
    Perfectly registered locator ensures accurate and high quality creasing
  • Low profile reduces board stress and smooth mitred edges allow fast running
  • All profiles are labelled for easy reference and to minimise the risk of mixing sizes during make ready 
Kiss Standard Matrix
Stock Code Description
MKA030060 Kiss Matrix 0.6mmW x 0.30mmD (2-4pt) Daffodil 25.2m/Box
MKA030080 Kiss Matrix 0.8mmW x 0.30mmD (2-6pt) Alpine 25.2m/Box
MKA030100 Kiss Matrix 1.0mmW x 0.30mmD (4-8pt) Blueberry 25.2m/Box
MKA030120 Kiss Matrix 1.2mmW x 0.30mmD (7-9pt) Light Pink 25.2m/Box
MKA030130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.30mmD (13-16pt) Rose Pink 25.2m/Box
MKA040050 Kiss Matrix 0.5mmW x 0.40mmD (2-4pt) Platinum 25.2m/Box
MKA040060 Kiss Matrix 0.6mmW x 0.40mmD (2-4pt) Fire 25.2m/Box
MKA040080 Kiss Matrix 0.8mmW x 0.40mmD (2-6pt) Orange 25.2m/Box
MKA040100 Kiss Matrix 1.0mmW x 0.40mmD (4-8pt) Beige 25.2m/Box
MKA040120 Kiss Matrix 1.2mmW x 0.40mmD (7-9pt) Lilac 25.2m/Box
MKA040130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.40mmD (13-16pt) Pale Blue 25.2m/Box
MKA040140 Kiss Matrix 1.4mmW x 0.40mmD (13-17pt) Ocean 25.2m/Box
MKA040150 Kiss Matrix 1.5mmW x 0.40mmD (14-17pt) Flame 25.2m/Box
MKA040170 Kiss Matrix 1.7mmW x 0.40mmD (19-21pt) Vanilla 25.2m/Box
MKA045080 Kiss Matrix 0.8mmW x 0.45mmD (2-6pt) Royal Blue 25.2m/Box
MKA045120 Kiss Matrix 1.2mmW x 0.45mmD (9-12pt) Ivory 25.2m/Box
MKA045130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.45mmD (13-16pt) White 25.2m/Box
MKA045150 Kiss Matrix 1.5mmW x 0.45mmD (15-18pt) Apple Green 25.2m/Box
MKA050100 Kiss Matrix 1.0mmW x 0.50mmD (7-9pt) Peach 25.2m/Box
MKA050120 Kiss Matrix 1.2mmW x 0.50mmD (11-13pt) Olive 25.2m/Box
MKA050130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.50mmD (13-17pt) Bright Green 25.2m/Box
MKA050150 Kiss Matrix 1.5mmW x 0.50mmD (17-20pt) Yellow 25.2m/Box
MKA050170 Kiss Matrix 1.7mmW x 0.50mmD (20-22pt) Avocado 25.2m/Box
MKA050190 Kiss Matrix 1.9mmW x 0.50mmD (21-23pt) Ice Blue 25.2m/Box
MKA050210 Kiss Matrix 2.1mmW x 0.50mmD (22-25pt) Ebony 25.2m/Box
MKA055130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.55mmD (13-18pt) Black 25.2m/Box
MKA055140 Kiss Matrix 1.4mmW x 0.55mmD (14-17pt) Lagoon 25.2m/Box
MKA055170 Kiss Matrix 1.7mmW x 0.55mmD (20-23pt) Powder Blue 25.2m/Box
MKA060130 Kiss Matrix 1.3mmW x 0.60mmD (14-18pt) Aubergine 25.2m/Box
MKA060150 Kiss Matrix 1.5mmW x 0.60mmD (18-20pt) Navy Blue 25.2m/Box
MKA060190 Kiss Matrix 1.9mmW x 0.60mmD (21-24pt) Green 25.2m/Box
MKA060254 Kiss Matrix 2.5mmW x 0.60mmD (28-31pt) Racing Green 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA060274 Kiss Matrix 2.7mmW x 0.60mmD (28-31pt) Sand 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA060324 Kiss Matrix 3.2mmW x 0.60mmD (32-41pt) Canary 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA060354 Kiss Matrix 3.5mmW x 0.60mmD (33-49pt) Topaz 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA065210 Kiss Matrix 2.1mmW x 0.65mmD (23-26pt) Burgundy 25.2m/Box
MKA070230 Kiss Matrix 2.3mmW x 0.70mmD (25-28pt) Red 25.2m/Box
MKA070304 Kiss Matrix 3.0mmW x 0.70mmD (30-33pt) Onyx 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA070354 Kiss Matrix 3.5mmW x 0.70mmD (33-49pt) Bottle Green 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA080210 Kiss Matrix 2.1mmW x 0.80mmD (24-28pt) Pink 25.2m/Box
MKA080254 Kiss Matrix 2.5mmW x 0.80mmD (28-31pt) Manilla 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA080274 Kiss Matrix 2.7mmW x 0.80mmD (28-31pt) Blue 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA080404 Kiss Matrix 4.0mmW x 0.80mmD (36-52pt) Cornelian 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA090404 Kiss Matrix 4.0mmW x 0.90mmD (37-52pt) Cyclamen 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA100304 Kiss Matrix 3.0mmW x 1.00mmD (31-39pt) Brown 25.2m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA100324 Kiss Matrix 3.2mmW x 1.00mmD (33-47pt) Violet 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA100404 Kiss Matrix 4.0mmW x 1.0mmD (37-53pt) Carnival Red 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)
MKA100504 Kiss Matrix 5.0mmW x 1.00mmD (41-55pt) Sunflower 14.7m/Box (3-4pt rule)